Monday, March 12, 2007

Can't turn back now

Wow. That's what I have to say about this months story. It was such a big deal that I had to come back and give you some updates.
  • The group we talked about has been identified as MIAKA (Men Interested in AKA).
  • One thing that I'm so glad to be wrong about is this controversy does not stem from Texas Southern University. Sorry Tennesee State!
  • Check out this news story
I just wanted to both of my readers know that the rabbit hole is much deeper. I found a number of blogs that talked about this story and this was one of the better ones. It includes a letter sent by a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorrority, Inc. **

My confusion lies with the following....1. In an age where our black men (and race) face many challenges regarding a historical lack of identity (it's been stolen from us from the time our ancestor's feet touched the US shores) this action (creating the MIAKA's and an unofficial and unrecognized chapter/organization) has and will to further set back the "cause" as now some of our males are consciously choosing to identify with a women's organization? Why would you, and others who think like you choose to do this?2. If you are pursuing the further establishment of gay rights why not start a gay male fraternity and/or trans-sexual sorority?3. If you truly respect and think you understand the foundation and principles on which Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded you will remember and honor that it is for women (in addition to other principles) only. Why are the MIAKA's or these men choosing to disrespect the integrity of what AKA's founders intended by your actions? Our founders would not and their descendants (who are my Sorors) do not approve...

Check out the full article for the rest of the letter

Here are a few responses that I got from member that I know.

Certainly…I think it’s hideous to form a “male AKA”. It’s one thing to form an interest group of men who like and uphold the ideals of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and it’s another thing when you go too far as to use their shield and emulate everything there is about AKA. There has to be consequences for their actions from National.

...almost all of the AKA's I know feel the same way pretty much. I guess I don't have a set opinion b/c on one hand I feel that way too but at the same time I feel it is kinda like being a celebrity. Such imitation is a consequence of the legacy.
T. Robinson

Check out the message board that had more opinions that a little bit. Here are some of the ones I loved.

FIRST of all for all you people who know NOTHING about MIAKA...the majority of you AKA'S who are commenting are exactly that, AKA'S. You would never refer to yourself as an AKA because you know that those are English letters. 1st mistake. SECOND, if you drink from the Pierian Spring and not just get your letters you would know something about MIAKA. And regardless of what anyone says MIAKA'S are REAL. All MIAKA'S are NOT gay. And the one's that are, clearly you all can't handle the fact that they are hot. Now if the last name LYLE rings a bell (which it should) you will know exactly who Wade Lyle is. And NO he is not ETHEL'S husband. His name is George. Lyle is the brother and owns a percentage of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. Which is exactly why i am here today. We are just like Kappa Sweethearts, Zeta Knights, and Delta Beaux's, BUT we hold a little more class, elegance, grace, and are highly educated and professional young men. So before any of you "SHIP PRAISERS" who haven't been to a meeting since you crossed those sands comment, learn more of OUR history. Be blessed....and to the line that was posted at the top....Keep it hot! The mask were to die for!

Wow LOL. First of all as a man of the phirst family I laugh at this ha ha ha we laughing at you. I’m not homophobic, but this is ludicrous. First this is not sanctioned. 2. I know what a MIAKA is. No they all aren’t gay. I actually know some of the bros who did it to get close to the akas. It worked. I chose not to do it but that’s they choice. These Men are Cleary gay and that’s they choice. None of the so called Men interested in aka on my yard ever skee wee or party walk n made IVY like the akas. They were like Alpha Angels or sweethearts they helped out and most gone on to be Greek. This here is ridiculous they are making a fool out of what a lot of people have endured a lot to achieve. These guys are pitiful and the guy taking up for miaka's yeah whatever are you even Greek. It’s cool to be a Miaka I guess but that doesnt make you Greek. Its wrong to do the thing those guys were doing Period. This is lady ish. I have no problem with gay men hell some of my frat is gay but they don’t act like women. I have a problem with a grown a^^ man acting like a women. Period aka is a black women organzation no Matter how hard theses "guys wanna be they not aka's or women. 06-08 for 4 life my bruhs and sisters

Full board

**When you make reference to an organization and you use the official name does it kind of feel like your saying the Baptist visitor's speach? ..Giving honor to God, pastor member and friends. I come to you from ...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Man....hold up!

First let me say that I am not responsible for this by any means. I did not take the pictures, these are not my homeboys and I am simply the conveyer of this here information. Maybe I should just tell the story. I received this email saying that that these were the new AKA's at Texas Southern University. I was excited so I opened the file. WTF is up? Now I have heard of this kind of thing but never have been witness to such a spectacle. Wow, that's all I can say. No, that's not all I can say! I can say I don't believe this! I say that not only am I offended that the name of Alpha Kappa Alpha has been dragged into this but the name of Texas Southern University! I also will give these cats the benefit of a doubt and give them that if they would go this far that they are not truly passing them selves off as AKA's. Look at it like this. These dudes, because that's what they are, went through a lot of trouble to do all this. The masks, the vests, all of it. Look at the first guys perm! It's tighter that most of you ladies out there! These guy are dead serious. Though it looks a lot like the ladies of pink and green they must have their own identity. If you find out let me know. But I will say it sure is funny! Holla.

Monday, February 26, 2007

This is Why I'm Hot

This is a big Up to the Tau chapter of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. Been to a strool show? Better ask about them! They do it big. Check them out at

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's been a long time...

What ? You act like you never took a semester off before. I know you missed me. I missed me too. But enough of that we're back in the saddle and doing it bigger that the last time. We're going to have more up dates, more products , more sales and all around more fun!

You know I saw this and I had to put it on. We at GT have shined the spotlight on The Show Show before ( But this time we just didn't have any choice but to share this with you. This is an important service show. It's a little game for them lames. Bari spits some real talk for those starting or in school. If you don't watch this then you already lost. So just turn in your player card now, or it will be pulled. Now you have to watch all the parts to get it all. He covers topics like how to get your "monies" to the all important "naked time." Once again, don't say I didn't try to give you nothing! Don't cheat your self, treat yourself.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Time Sucka!

Oh man, I just made it. I'm sorry that I made you miss me. But ya boy got to chase that paper!The spring was good to me and I hope it was good to you. Take some time off this summer from the books. Don't think about blue books, think about getting fresh to def for the summer. Take a trip. Austin, DC, Atlanta, all of these are hosting confrences. So get your sun block (cause it's hot than a, well, it's hot!), get your crew, a loan application so you can buy some gas, and hit the road. Just don't forget to holla at chaboy for that gear. Letter shirts all around! Send me a post card.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Get at Me

Just wanted to Give props and invite the brothers of Omega Delta Phi to contact me about our limited time Sample sale. Get select products at discounted prices. Just drop me a line at for details. Greek Techniques and ODPhi, two of the best things started at Texas Tech University.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Thangs

GT wants to big up of our favorite Greek entertainers. Bari "the beautiful" doing big things on The Show Show. What is theshowshow, you ask? Its Talk soup meets, The Shop, meets your nosy aunt that's always got somethig to say about everything. Check it out. Make sure to also check out the older episodes. Watch Bari go for the throat while keeping it real for Phi Beta Sigma. I was new to it, and now I'm true to it! Now you can get down too.

**Please remember, keeping it real sometimes does go wrong!